Mission Statement

BWCSE’s mission is to create, encourage, and support Bangladeshi women’s academic, social and professional opportunities in the computer sciences and engineering by providing mentoring and encouraging environment. This voluntary organization came into being on 24 February 2014 through a bold initiative taken up by few former students of CSE, BUET.

BWCSE provides the following:

  • A forum for issues pertaining to women in computer science and engineering
  • Networking and mentoring opportunities
  • Professional Development
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Technical skill advancement
  • The purpose of BWCSE is to provide female students of CSE with benefits that contribute to their success. There are many wonderful benefits of getting involved in BWCSE. This is an opportunity to get to know your peers, CS faculty and meet with professionals from local and international industries, and alumni.

Our Committee

BWCSE members, volunteers and advisory committee consists of Bangladeshi women, including undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, industry and academic professionals in CSE, spreaded all over the world. In general, the BWCSE strives to promote a healthy and supportive community atmosphere for ALL. Mentoring next generation of Bangladeshi women in CSE and making a difference in their academic and professional lives serve as the basic motivating purposes of the organization.

About us

Currently, most of BWCSE’s activities are involved with students from BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology). But female students from all over Bangladesh, all faculties, staff and alumni who are interested in computer science and engineering and technology are welcome to join BWCSE. Individuals from the surrounding community and those from companies that are interested in sponsoring BWCSE’s activities are also welcome. If you want to join BWCSE please email: bwcseclub[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

Why join BWCSE

BWCSE will serve to bring together current female students and alumni who share common interests and ambitions, both inside and outside of technical context. Such a chapter will introduce current students to a plethora of resume building opportunities such as poster presentation, conference publication, higher education, scholarships, mentoring, internships etc. The goals of BWCSE group are:

Get informed about professional development resources and opportunities, like: Conference publication, higher education, scholarships, programming contests, and internships.
Attend monthly meeting (On location and Web based) to connect with alumni at Bangladesh and foreign countries to learn from their experiences.
Attend Tech Talks featuring entrepreneurs and professionals from CSE BUET.
Participate in a “Formal 3 tier mentoring” program. Each incoming freshman is paired with an upper class-man and each senior is paired with an alumni based on the student’s future career goals.

Current Students of BWCSE
Current Students of BWCSE

Meet the Founders